An American Troubadour – Mickey Newbury.

It is not always easy to understand why some artists never seem to escape the spotlight, while others never seem to get the attention they really deserve. Of course, we often disagree of the criteria that should be used measuring the contribution of an artist, but in the case of Mickey Newbury he was early … Continue reading An American Troubadour – Mickey Newbury.

A Voice From On High – Diana Jones.

I´m really not a religious person. Still I believe in the soul and its irremediable loneliness. Never more so than when I hear the great singing voices. Like the voice of Diana Jones. Her name sounds like it´s taken from a cartoon or a spy in an action thriller, or maybe from an old american ballad from … Continue reading A Voice From On High – Diana Jones.

Happy Birthday, Mr Dylan!

Happy Birthday, Mr Dylan!

Try a little tenderness. Rest In Peace, Jimmy LaFave. The sad news about Jimmy LaFave´s death reached us this week. We already knew about his fight with terminal cancer. He died only 61 years old, a few days after a farewell concert with many of his friends, family, fans and fellow singers and songwriters. In a very touching moment he led the crowd … Continue reading Try a little tenderness. Rest In Peace, Jimmy LaFave.

Bob Dylan + Soul = True!

Between the 1920´s and 1940´s the term "race records" was used, tagging the records made in african-american music genres, marketed to the african american market. All the way to 1949 the term was used, even Billboard had its own chart for "Race Records". Then one of their journalists, Jerry Wexler, suggested a change, more fitting for … Continue reading Bob Dylan + Soul = True!